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Fishing rights on the Canet lake were granted back in 1265 and still apply today, together with fishing regulations which have been in force since 2003. Fishing on the Canet lake is now a commercial activity, but is still carried out using the traditional methods, from October to May with a pause in January and February. The site can take up to a maximum of 30 professional fishermen, which corresponds to the number of fishing allotments available (the sectors are clearly marked out). Each year, before the start of the season, in September, the fishermen draw straws to see what fishing allotment they will get.

There are plenty of fish, shellfish and molluscs in the lagoon, thanks to all the nutrients which are swirling around. As a result the lake is in fact a veritable breeding ground for many species, which develop there faster than in a marine environment: eel, wolffish, sole, atherina or big-scale sand smelt, caridean shrimp...


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